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Thug Behavior Spec: Ultron Minion


There are two versions of the Ultron minion – melee and ranged.

Shared Attacks

Attack 1 – Local sonic attack

The Ultron minion goes completely rigid (his legs straighten completely) and he emits a sonic pulse from his little antennae.  This pushes any nearby heroes back a bit, and does minimal damage.

Variant 1 – Ranged version

This version of the Ultron minion will likely be using Ultron's traditional color scheme - silver with glowing red eyes and mouth.

Attack 1 – Eye laser beams

The Ultron minion stabilizes into a shooting position and fires two simultaneous laser beams out of its eyes.  These beams hit their target instantly, doing minor damage.  This attack should be more annoying than damaging.

Visual reference for this attack (including beam thickness, impact effect, etc.) can be found here:

Variant 2 – Melee version

This version of the Ultron minion will likely use an alternate color scheme – gunmetal gray with glowing orange eyes and mouth.

Attack 1 – Leg swipe

The Ultron minion digs in his two "rear" legs and strikes at his target with his "front" leg like a talon.  This attack pushes back a bit and does more damage than his sonic attack.