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Thug Behavior Spec: Loki's Mimics


Since one of Loki's signature abilities is granting "life" to inanimate objects, and he doesn't have any traditional minions, we're making a new thug for him.

Initially, these thugs will share models with the throwables, destructibles, and/or props in the Asgard zones.  They'll lean heavily on our new "asleep"/"wake up" behavior – they only change into their "real" form if:

The goal is for the "animated" mimic to still look like the original object, only with some kind of means of moving around.  Whether that's accomplished via FX or by sprouting arms and legs is up to the Character Team.  The object should not walk or move very skillfully – it should stagger, trip, and generally behave like it just was given the gift of locomotion two seconds ago.

Attack 1 – Normal attack

Whatever the mimic uses to move around (FX, arms/legs, rockets, whatever), he now hits the hero with.  This can be a punch (if it has limbs), an FX lash (if it uses FX to move), or whatever else.

Attack 2 – Other attack

The mimic retracts its limbs/FX/whatever and throws itself at its target like the Ultron Popcorn enemies do.