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Boss Behavior Spec: Magneto

General Notes

Magneto is always hovering at least a few inches above the ground.

Attack 1 – Giant Metal Object Attack

Magneto holds a hand over his head and "summons" a giant metal object, which "appears" from offscreen above his head and lowers slowly until it is about 20% visible at the top of the screen.  More details on the object are below.

Magneto will then throw the object at a random player – ideally, if we have support for this kind of thing, throwing it at the highest concentration of players.  A warning flash will appear on the ground for a moment before he throws it.

Villainville Streets


Villainville Factory

Big piece of machinery

Villainville Sewers

Sewage tank

City Streets

News van

City Subway

Subway car

City Rooftops


Space Station


Skrull Ship

Skrull fighter craft

Asteroid M

Metallic asteroid

When the object hits a hero, enemy, or geometry, it will explode, doing damage to all characters nearby.  After the explosion, several smaller pieces of "generic" metal will remain on the ground in its place.

The giant object will generally be about the size of a helicopter or full-size van, and will change depending on the environment that Magneto is occupying (see table, right).

Attack 2 – Smaller Metallic Object Attack

A few warning flashes appear around each player.  A few seconds later, some of the "generic" smaller metal pieces referenced in Attack 1 will fall from the sky, targeted at those warning flashes.

If possible, this attack should only happen if there are less than a handful of "generic" metal pieces already in the arena.

When these pieces hit the ground, they should sound heavy – to reinforce that they're not able to be picked up by players.  If players target them and attack, the metal pieces should be destroyed quickly.

Attack 3 – Throw smaller pieces of metal

If the number of "generic" metal pieces in the arena is greater than or equal to the number of heroes, Magneto will remotely "throw" pieces at each hero.  Ideally, each hero should be targeted by roughly the same number of pieces.

Attack 4 – Hyper Grav

Magneto summons two big scary-looking, slow-moving projectiles.  The projectiles track a random player (slowly), and ideally will move toward the player even after it has been fired.  The tracking shouldn't be perfect – an alert player should be able to dodge it without too much trouble.

If a projectile collides with a player, then it "grabs" them in a similar way to Doc Ock's long-range grab.  The projectile, now with the player "inside" of it, moves back to Magneto at faster than its original speed and holds them in place in front of Magneto.  They will remain immobilized until either they take damage, or a certain length of time has passed.

Potential visual reference for scale and style of this projectile, as well as a potential animation/pose for Magneto, can be found here.

If this attack succeeds, Magneto should follow it up with Attack 4b, below.

Attack 4b – Double EM Disruptor

Magneto fires two big beams in a "V" pattern in front of him – one from each hand.  If the beam connects with a character, it will knock them down and push them back significantly.  The beam does not stop if it hits a character – any characters (including enemies) caught in its path suffer its effects.

Attack 5 – EM Disruptor

Magneto fires a big beam at his closest target.  If the beam connects with a character, it will knock them down and push them back significantly.  The beam does not stop if it hits a character – any characters (including enemies) caught in its path suffer its effects.

Attack 6 – Magnetic slowing field

Magneto does a big charge-up animation (which should be the players' cue to go hit him out of it) which should involve slowly raising his hands in the air.  If he reaches the end of the animation, he brings his arms down.  This creates a "magnetic field" on the entire arena which slows all characters' movement speed by half, and shrinks their height by 30% - 50%.

This effect lasts for about 5-10 seconds.

If Magneto takes a certain amount of damage, he will be knocked out of this attack without it activating.

Attack 7 – Turn on shield (enters shield state)

Magneto hovers higher into the air (briefly) and sticks his arms out in a "Y" shape.  A translucent force field appears around him.  This counts as a buff – he can still perform all of his original attacks.

While Magneto has this buff, the following rules changes occur:

This shield lasts either until it absorbs a certain amount of damage, or until enough time has passed – after which it will hopefully shatter or dissipate in a cool way.  After his shield is destroyed, Magneto will be stunned for a certain length of time.  This is the only time that he can be recoiled.