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Boss Behavior Spec: Green Goblin

Attack 1 – Pumpkin Bomb Toss

Green Goblin chooses a random hero and chucks a pumpkin bomb at them.  The bomb lands on the ground and explodes after a certain length of time.  If the bomb contacts a hero, it explodes on contact.

Attack 1a – Pumpkin goo version

Rarely, the pumpkin bomb will be a "dud", exploding in a shower of pumpkin goo instead of behaving normally.  Anyone caught in the pumpkin goo blast is covered with orange stuff, slowing their movement speed by a certain amount.

Attack 2 – Pumpkin Bomb Barrage

Green Goblin hovers high into the air (but still visible) and throws a bunch of bombs onto the ground – one after another, with a small (0.25s or less) delay between each toss.  The bombs behave the same as the bombs specified in Attack 1, above.

Attack 3 – Glider Strike

Green Goblin chooses the furthest hero from his current position and flies his glider at them.  Any character (hero or enemy!) that is hit by the glider takes damage and gets knocked down.

"Attack" 4 – Crazy Laugh

Similar to Doctor Doom's taunt and Doc Ock's idle, Green Goblin will occasionally just laugh maniacally, seeing as how he's a maniac and all.  Any damage he incurs during this "attack" will snap him out of it.