Space Siege setting

The interior of the ISCS Armstrong looks more like Battlestar Galactica than Star Trek. There are no gleaming consoles, immaculate corridors or freshly starched uniforms. The best one can hope for is a "lived-in" look, which is primarily found in the officers' quarters and colonist habitation.

The ISCS colony ships are designed to each hold nearly 50,000 colonists; with everyone on the ship spending one year awake for every ten years in coldsleep, there are 2,000 crew and 5,000 colonists "awake" at once. However, the exodus from Earth was so harried that the Armstrong launched despite being at less than half-capacity. As a result, there are only 21,308 people on board.

Because of this, the ambience of the Armstrong ranges from brightly lit and bustling to empty and spooky. While some areas of the ship receive regular attention from its cybernetic and robotic caretakers, others have fallen into disrepair. These areas are full of sparking, inoperable computers, flickering lights, jets of steam emitting from valves, etc.

As part of the evacuation of Earth, the navigational AI of each Ark was upgraded from stage two (operational) to stage six (sub-sentience) and given a personality, known as "PILOT". The Armstrong also contains several less-sophisticated, semi-independent AIs that maintain environmental control, navigation, video security and so on.

These secondary AIs also oversee individual areas such as hydroponic forests, residential areas, industrial districts and everything else required to maintain thousands of colonists for years on end.