Space Siege antagonist bio

Hunter Warlord ("Thorax")

Gender: N/A (appears to be Male)

Age: N/A (the equivalent of 30 or so)

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Dominant character traits:
Psychopathic and Brutal
Intelligent and Resourceful

History and General Character Information:

Over the eighteen months of the Hunters' one-sided destruction of the entire human race, humanity has not been able to learn much about their killers beyond the limited scope of physiology. However, over the course of the game, we will learn much more. The story begins on the Hunters' homeworld, known as "Haven" in their language.

Ironically, the humans setting foot on what they called "Eden" – and subsequently dooming themselves to a swift and brutal end to their species – draws a stark parallel to the experiences of the Hunters. Hundreds of years ago, an alien race (known to the Hunters as "The Walking Dead") attacked the homeworld of the then-peaceful Hunters without warning, and transported an incalculably large invading force directly to the planet’s surface.

After weeks of devastating Hunter losses, the head of the Shield Caste seized an opportunity and commanded all Worker Hunters to take shelter below ground. He then ordered the entire complement of Hunter ships to launch into space, even at the risk of destruction by the Dead spacecraft.

Once the Workers were safely evacuated underground, and the Hunter fleet was in space, the First Shield ordered the surface of Haven to be razed. All of the Hunters' ships targeted the planet's surface, and fired their terraforming devices. This caused a chain reaction that scorched the surface of the Hunters' home and incinerated almost all of the Dead.

Because their home was rendered nearly uninhabitable, the Hunters were forced to relocate to a different planet. Haven became a holy place to the Hunters – a place that would never again be soiled by the presence of any sentient species. Over the centuries, the planet’s environment recovered, and eventually attracted the human colonists that attempted to colonize it.

For his leadership during the war against the Walking Dead, the Hunters elevated the First Shield to First Among Us, or "Prime". Prime's rule, while benevolent, shifted the system of rule from a loose democracy to a near-monarchy. As a result, his descendants have led the Hunters for generations.

"Thorax" (the nickname given to him by the survivors aboard the Armstrong) is a direct descendant of Prime.

Assorted Hunters

Gender: N/A (all appear male)

Age: N/A

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History and General Character Information:
As Prime's descendants ruled the Hunters, the insectoids gradually transformed from an insulated, peaceful race into a paranoid, militaristic society. After being attacked without provocation on their home of Haven, the Hunters accelerated their development of weapons and technology purely for "defense".

Fortunately for the Hunters (and unfortunately for the humans), they quickly evolved into their new roles. They are capable of intra-species communication on a near-telepathic level, which enables them to execute battle plans with nearly flawless tactics. That, combined with their overwhelming numbers, enabled the Hunters to handily destroy the humans at every opportunity.

The Hunters show the humans no mercy. To them, humanity is a threat that must be completely eliminated. They do not take prisoners. They do not retreat. They will not relent until all of humanity is relegated to history.