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Boss Behavior Spec: Dr. Octopus


Doc Ock is basically a tubby guy with thick glasses who wears an ill-fitting green jumpsuit.  He should feel completely nonthreatening and incompetent when he's not using his big scary tentacles.

If it's possible to convey his awkwardness in his animations, great.  Or, at least, if it's possible to make all of his scariness and effectiveness reside in the tentacles, perfect.

General Information

Doc Ock essentially has two "states".

State 1 – Mobile

In this state, Doc Ock is capable of moving all over the arena.  He does this by taking long strides with his two lower tentacles as "legs".

In this state, Doc Ock can't be damaged in a traditional way.  The only thing players can do is target (and damage) his two lower leg-tentacles.  The moment those two tentacles (which share a life bar) have taken enough damage, Doc Ock cancels whatever he's doing and falls to the ground on his butt.  At this point, he transitions to state 2.

State 2 – Immobile

In this state, Doc Ock sits on his butt, immobile.  We could draw a little "stunned" thing over his head.  This is the only time when players can actually damage him.

Doc Ock is helpless at this point, and will not attack or retaliate.  However, this state isn't permanent.  Once (1) Doc Ock takes a sufficient level of damage, or (2) enough seconds pass, he will perform his "get up attack" (see below), which transitions him back to the "mobile" state.


As indicated above, all of these attacks are performed in the "mobile" state.

Attack 1: Tentacle Grab

Doc Ock fires his tentacles outwards in a sweeping arc.  If a tentacle collides with a character at any point, its claw will grab onto their (face / wrist / leg) and throw them up in the air.  Even if a character is capable of hovering or flight, they still take falling damage.

Obviously, if there is only one hero fighting Doc Ock, he will only fire one tentacle.

Attack 2: Tentacle Lasers

Each one of Doc Ock's two tentacles fire six fast-moving projectiles, with an offset of 1.0 seconds in between each shot.  The left tentacle fires its first bolt at 0.0 seconds, while the right tentacle fires its first bolt at 0.5 seconds.  Each hero in the arena is targeted by (12/ x) bolts, where x is the number of heroes in the fight.

(Two bolts for each target selection)

Attack 3: Tentacle Lasso (repurpose as "Attack 1b")

Doc Ock's two tentacles fire out as far as they can possibly go, with the claws then curving towards each other to form a big "O" shape.  He then pulls his tentacles towards him, drawing everyone caught in the "lasso" to melee range.  If at least one character is pulled to melee range during this "lasso" attack, he will follow it with attack 4 below (Tentacle Flurry) 100% of the time.

Attack 4: Tentacle Flurry

If at least one character is within melee range, Doc Ock will flail his two tentacles in a flurry in front of him, in a "junior high slap fight" kind of way.  Any characters hit by the repeated attacks will take damage from each hit, so it's in their best interest to get out of melee range as quickly as possible.

Attack 5: Reach offscreen for object

Doc Ock fires his tentacle almost straight up above his head, grabbing an environment-appropriate throwable object that has spawned offscreen.  He then throws it at a random player with his tentacle.

Attack 6: Summon Ock-Bots

Doc Ock fires both tentacles almost straight up above his head, pausing for a second before throwing several Ock-Bots (that have spawned offscreen) down to the arena.

Get Up Attack: Tentacle Sweep

When Doc Ock makes the transition from "sitting pained on his butt" to "I can move again", he performs his "get up attack", with starts with the last frame of his "sitting pained on his butt" animation and ends with the first frame of his "mobile" animation.

This attack starts with him making an angry face/animation/noise for a few frames.  He then twirls one tentacle in each direction – forward, backward, to the left, and to the right.  The tentacles each spin quickly, doing damage to those caught in their vortex.  If a character is just out of range of the attack, it will still push them backwards a few meters.

Boss Behavior Spec: Green Goblin

Attack 1 – Pumpkin Bomb Toss

Green Goblin chooses a random hero and chucks a pumpkin bomb at them.  The bomb lands on the ground and explodes after a certain length of time.  If the bomb contacts a hero, it explodes on contact.

Attack 1a – Pumpkin goo version

Rarely, the pumpkin bomb will be a "dud", exploding in a shower of pumpkin goo instead of behaving normally.  Anyone caught in the pumpkin goo blast is covered with orange stuff, slowing their movement speed by a certain amount.

Attack 2 – Pumpkin Bomb Barrage

Green Goblin hovers high into the air (but still visible) and throws a bunch of bombs onto the ground – one after another, with a small (0.25s or less) delay between each toss.  The bombs behave the same as the bombs specified in Attack 1, above.

Attack 3 – Glider Strike

Green Goblin chooses the furthest hero from his current position and flies his glider at them.  Any character (hero or enemy!) that is hit by the glider takes damage and gets knocked down.

"Attack" 4 – Crazy Laugh

Similar to Doctor Doom's taunt and Doc Ock's idle, Green Goblin will occasionally just laugh maniacally, seeing as how he's a maniac and all.  Any damage he incurs during this "attack" will snap him out of it.

Boss Behavior Spec: Loki

Attack 1a – First Mischief Beam

Loki quickly points one hand at a target, "charges" for a second or so, and shoots a beam at where he pointed.

Attack 1b – Second Mischief Beam

If attack 1a hits, he points his other hand at the same target, "charges", and shoots a second beam at them.

Attack 2 – Teleport Hero Away

Loki points a single finger at his target.  A warning reticle appears under the player's feet.  After a set length of time, if the hero hasn't moved, Loki flicks his fingers.  The hero is then teleported to the farthest possible position away from the cackling Loki.

Attack 3 – Teleport Hero into Air

Loki points a single finger at his target.  A warning reticle appears under the player's feet.  After a set length of time, if the hero hasn't moved, Loki flicks his fingers.  The hero is then teleported into the air above their current position, followed by a fast plummet to the ground for a little damage.

Attack 4 – Teleport Self

If Loki is besieged by melee attackers, he will point both thumbs at himself ("what has two thumbs and loves teleporting?").  This will teleport Loki to the farthest possible position away from the players.

Attack 5 – Force Field

Loki performs some mischievous animation and creates a force field around himself.  He then runs in place for a few steps to build up a head of steam.  After those steps, he takes off running around the room.  Anyone that gets in his way is knocked down by the force field and takes damage.  This is basically just an excuse for me to use the word "Loki-motion".

Attack 6 – Animate Box

Loki's thugs are regular objects that have been "animated" into doing his bidding.  So for attack 6, he will turn to face one of the "asleep" thugs and wiggle his fingers at them.  The thug will then wake up and join the fight.

Attack 7 – Bwa ha ha

Loki concentrates intently for a few seconds with his hand on his forehead.  If he doesn't take any damage during this time, he then grows to many times his normal size and does a Giant-Man style stomping rampage.  Any nearby heroes take damage from this.

Boss Behavior Spec: Magneto

General Notes

Magneto is always hovering at least a few inches above the ground.

Attack 1 – Giant Metal Object Attack

Magneto holds a hand over his head and "summons" a giant metal object, which "appears" from offscreen above his head and lowers slowly until it is about 20% visible at the top of the screen.  More details on the object are below.

Magneto will then throw the object at a random player – ideally, if we have support for this kind of thing, throwing it at the highest concentration of players.  A warning flash will appear on the ground for a moment before he throws it.

Villainville Streets


Villainville Factory

Big piece of machinery

Villainville Sewers

Sewage tank

City Streets

News van

City Subway

Subway car

City Rooftops


Space Station


Skrull Ship

Skrull fighter craft

Asteroid M

Metallic asteroid

When the object hits a hero, enemy, or geometry, it will explode, doing damage to all characters nearby.  After the explosion, several smaller pieces of "generic" metal will remain on the ground in its place.

The giant object will generally be about the size of a helicopter or full-size van, and will change depending on the environment that Magneto is occupying (see table, right).

Attack 2 – Smaller Metallic Object Attack

A few warning flashes appear around each player.  A few seconds later, some of the "generic" smaller metal pieces referenced in Attack 1 will fall from the sky, targeted at those warning flashes.

If possible, this attack should only happen if there are less than a handful of "generic" metal pieces already in the arena.

When these pieces hit the ground, they should sound heavy – to reinforce that they're not able to be picked up by players.  If players target them and attack, the metal pieces should be destroyed quickly.

Attack 3 – Throw smaller pieces of metal

If the number of "generic" metal pieces in the arena is greater than or equal to the number of heroes, Magneto will remotely "throw" pieces at each hero.  Ideally, each hero should be targeted by roughly the same number of pieces.

Attack 4 – Hyper Grav

Magneto summons two big scary-looking, slow-moving projectiles.  The projectiles track a random player (slowly), and ideally will move toward the player even after it has been fired.  The tracking shouldn't be perfect – an alert player should be able to dodge it without too much trouble.

If a projectile collides with a player, then it "grabs" them in a similar way to Doc Ock's long-range grab.  The projectile, now with the player "inside" of it, moves back to Magneto at faster than its original speed and holds them in place in front of Magneto.  They will remain immobilized until either they take damage, or a certain length of time has passed.

Potential visual reference for scale and style of this projectile, as well as a potential animation/pose for Magneto, can be found here.

If this attack succeeds, Magneto should follow it up with Attack 4b, below.

Attack 4b – Double EM Disruptor

Magneto fires two big beams in a "V" pattern in front of him – one from each hand.  If the beam connects with a character, it will knock them down and push them back significantly.  The beam does not stop if it hits a character – any characters (including enemies) caught in its path suffer its effects.

Attack 5 – EM Disruptor

Magneto fires a big beam at his closest target.  If the beam connects with a character, it will knock them down and push them back significantly.  The beam does not stop if it hits a character – any characters (including enemies) caught in its path suffer its effects.

Attack 6 – Magnetic slowing field

Magneto does a big charge-up animation (which should be the players' cue to go hit him out of it) which should involve slowly raising his hands in the air.  If he reaches the end of the animation, he brings his arms down.  This creates a "magnetic field" on the entire arena which slows all characters' movement speed by half, and shrinks their height by 30% - 50%.

This effect lasts for about 5-10 seconds.

If Magneto takes a certain amount of damage, he will be knocked out of this attack without it activating.

Attack 7 – Turn on shield (enters shield state)

Magneto hovers higher into the air (briefly) and sticks his arms out in a "Y" shape.  A translucent force field appears around him.  This counts as a buff – he can still perform all of his original attacks.

While Magneto has this buff, the following rules changes occur:

This shield lasts either until it absorbs a certain amount of damage, or until enough time has passed – after which it will hopefully shatter or dissipate in a cool way.  After his shield is destroyed, Magneto will be stunned for a certain length of time.  This is the only time that he can be recoiled.

Megaboss Behavior Spec: Master Mold

General Notes

Master Mold is an enormous specimen – as you can see in the image above, most characters don't even come up to his robo-knees.

Since he's so big, his attacks do a lot of damage and have a lot of warning.  Most of the time while fighting him, players will have to deal with his Sentinel protectors.

State 1 – Attacking

This is Master Mold's default state.  He will choose his attacks from the following list:

Attack 1 – Spawn Sentinel(s)

Master Mold will always perform this attack first.  He appears in the "background" and becomes non-attackable and non-interactive.

His shoulder armor "opens up" and one Sentinel launches from each shoulder launch bay.  They rocket upwards off the top of the screen and then rocket back down into the arena where players can fight them.

Once Master Mold has spawned his Sentinels, he disappears offscreen again.

If possible, there should always be at least one Sentinel "active" during Master Mold boss fights.

Attack 2 – Foot stomp

A warning flash (or shadow) appears somewhere in the arena, followed soon by Master Mold's big foot stomping on the danger zone.

When the foot stomps on the ground, the camera shakes, and anyone who is not in the air is thrown to the ground.

Players caught under the foot are "crushed", and are pinned in place (or stunned under the foot) until it lifts back up after a few seconds.

While the foot is "down", it is attackable until it either takes enough damage or enough time has elapsed.

Any character can be caught under the stomp, including enemies.

Attack 3 – "Fingers do the walking" flick

Master Mold's arm appears in the arena from the top of the screen and assumes a "walking fingers" pose.  The arm will then target a random hero and "walk" towards them.  When it reaches a hero, it will stop and "flick" the spot where the hero is.  Anyone hit by the flick will take big damage and get knocked down.

The arm is damageable during this phase, and can be attacked by all players.

Attack 4 – Eye lasers

Master Mold's head appears on the side of the arena, while his eyes light up and prepare to fire laser beams.

Several warning flashes draw on the ground of the arena in a predefined pattern (circle, figure-eight, "X", etc.).  After a second or two, Master Mold fires his eye beams at the first warning flash, and then traces the pattern on the ground with the lasers.

After this attack, Master Mold will return to his "head and shoulders" position.

Attack 5 – Nom nom nom

Master Mold's head appears on side of the screen, where he bows his head like he's about to take a deep breath.  After a few seconds, he will start drawing in all the characters in the arena via a great intake of "breath".  The "breath" lasts for another few seconds.  If he successfully draws a character all the way to his head, that character will be thrown into Master Mold's mouth and eaten.

What happens next depends on whether a hero or Sentinel was sucked in:

Variant 1 – Eat player

The "eaten" player can still attack while they are imprisoned in Master Mold's mouth, even if they can't see what they're doing.  After a few chews, Master Mold gets a "eww, gross" look on his face and spits the player back into the arena.

Variant 2 – Eat Sentinel

If this happens, it looks the same as if a player was "eaten".  Master Mold will start chewing, only this time, once he's done chewing he will "gulp" and gain health back.

While Master Mold is chewing, he's attackable by players.  If they do enough damage, Master Mold will abort his current behavior, spit his snack back onto the arena, and disappear off the edge of the screen.

State 2 – Damaged

After Master Mold takes a set amount of damage, he will change to his "damaged" state – which will cause him to "fall" into the arena.  A big shadow appears, warning players what's about to happen.  Master Mold's head and shoulders will then "fall" from the side of the screen, doing big damage to anyone underneath him.  He will bounce once and then come to a rest in a "stunned" state.

If a Sentinel is crushed by Master Mold's fall, it is immediately destroyed.  If a player is crushed, they take big damage and are thrown clear before Master Mold's "bounce" leaves him in place.

While Master Mold is in this state, he is very attackable.  This is the players' chance to do big damage.

After he takes enough damage or enough time passes, he will "get back up" and return to state 1.

Boss Behavior Spec: Mysterio

Attack 1:  Mist-erio

Mysterio does some cool pose and covers a large area around himself (hopefully about 50% of the arena) with mist that does light damage to all heroes inside it.  When the mist disappears, there are (player count + 2) additional "fake" Mysterios in the arena.  They behave the same way as the "real" Mysterio, but they go down after about two hits.  Note that they should disappear in a puff of smoke or equivalent, instead of playing a "death" animation.

Attack 2:  Smoke Bomb

Mysterio reaches into his "pocket" and produces a smoke bomb.  He throws it to the ground at his feet, causing AoE damage and temporarily "blinding" everyone in range.  A "blind" player does zero damage with all attacks.  Ideally, we can play some kind of full-screen camera effect to help sell the "blinded by smoke" idea.

Attack 3:  It's an Illusion, Michael

Mysterio points both hands at his target with fingers extended.  From his hands / body come dozens (?) of illusionary attacking objects.  Reference images have shown me that he's attacked people with illusionary bats and snakes.  We could do that, or we could make them illusionary rubber ducks, HQ objects, etc.

This attack is basically a big damage field in front of Mysterio – we could make the tiny objects individual projectiles, but that doesn't seem necessary.

Attack 4:  Look Out Below!

A warning reticle appears below a player.  After a second or two, a trap door opens up where the reticle used to be.  If any character was on top of the trap door when it appears, they fall through it and are "defeated".  They "respawn" with full health in midair and fall to the ground.

Doubts have been expressed that a trap door will work well visually in this case.  We might have to make it so that Mysterio just creates a completely black hole underneath the player that they fall through.  TBD.

Boss Behavior Spec: Onslaught

Note: The initial implementation of Onslaught should probably only use SOME of these attacks.

Note the Second: Onslaught should be slightly hovering at all times.

Attack 1:  Astral Prison

Onslaught points his open hand at his target and tracks them for a half-second or so.  He then quickly closes the hand into a fist.  When he does, some kind of polygonal barrier appears around the target.  The barrier (which is attackable and has collision) slowly shrinks until it is either destroyed by the player or it crushes them, doing big damage and knocking them down.

Attack 2:  Mind Blast (should combo off Attack 1)

Onslaught's eyes and chest node glow fiercely as he slowly brings his head back for two seconds or so.  He then whips his head forward as psionic beams shoot out of his eyes and chest.  These beams do heavy damage to all targets in front of him.

Attack 3:  Mind Control

Onslaught holds his fingers to his temple (if he can get them there) and points the other hand at his target.  After a half-second or so, his target becomes "mind controlled" for a set length of time.  A "mind controlled" hero behaves in two distinct ways, depending on the format of the play session:

Attack 4:  Psionic Spikes

Onslaught puts both hands to his temples (if he can get them there) and pauses for a set length of time, during which dozens of small psionic "spikes" appear.  He then extends his arms outwards, which causes the spikes to fly forward in a 90-degree arc.

Attack 5:  Mental Blast

Onslaught throws back his head and clenches his fists at angles out from his body (I'll have to show you what I mean).  As he does this, a huge wave of concussive force does massive pushback to all heroes (pushing them to the walls of the arena), but doing minimal damage.

Boss Behavior Spec: Sabretooth

Attack 1 – Regular attack chain

Attack 1a – Right-handed slash

Sabretooth does a right-handed slash diagonally downward (from 2:00 to 8:00), which chains into...

Attack 1b – Left-handed slash

...a faster left-handed diagonal slash on the opposite axis (from 10:00 to 4:00), which chains into...

Attack 1c – X slash reverse combo finisher

...a reverse "X" slash where he crosses his arms in front of him and attacks with both claws at once.  His right claw slashes from 10:30 to 4:30, while his left claw strikes from 1:30 to 7:30.  This attack knocks down if it connects.

Attack 2 – Leaping attack

Sabretooth chooses the furthest target from his current position, growls, and leaps at them, doing a double-handed slash when he lands.  This attack knocks down, and ideally should not be chosen if there are no targets outside of melee range.

"Attack" 3 – Fury

Sabretooth yells in anger, knocking everyone back a bit (but doing no damage).  A highly visible FX (like a red glow, for instance) attaches to him while he has this buff.  His attack speed and strength are increased for a time, and his recoil resistance is set as high as it can reasonably go.  Depending on how challenging he is before the full implementation of this attack, he can either take less or more damage while affected by this buff.

After the timer on this buff runs out, Sabretooth gets tired out and has to cool off for a while.  For a few seconds, he sits there panting like a sleepy dog – maybe even sitting in a dog pose.

"Attack" 4 – Idle

Sabretooth should only perform his idle if he knocks all of his targets down with attacks 1c or 2.  If possible, it should be a crazy-looking, bloodthirsty laugh or taunt.

Boss Behavior Spec: Super Skrull


Super-Skrull is the leader of the Skrulls, a green-skinned race of aliens who have the ability to shapeshift into other humanoid shapes.  While the Super-Skrull lacks the perfect mimicry of his brethren, he has been augmented with the powers of the Fantastic Four:

However, all of Super-Skrull's powers should feel more destructive and chaotic than their "heroic" counterparts.  When he throws an object, he should do more quickly and violently than Thing.  When he shoots flames, they should feel more uncontrollable than Human Torch.  When he turns invisible, he should… well, you get the idea.

Attack 1: Flame Blast (20%) [all AI percentages are TBD]

Super-Skrull targets a random player and, from both hands, fires thin gouts of flame from each finger at them.  These 3m long flames fly out from Skrull's fingers in a fan pattern, and damage everything they touch.  As soon as they've extended three meters from Super-Skrull, they choose a random point between their current position and the edge of the arena and arc to the ground with appropriate inertia.

When a flame hits the ground, it expands into a 2m radius "pool" of lava/flame, that sticks around as an environmental hazard for 10+[0-5] seconds before dissipating.

Attack 2: Invincible "Teleport" (20%)

Super-Skrull turns invisible (using whatever effect the Invisible Woman uses) and disappears.  X seconds later, he reappears somewhere else in the room surrounded by a temporary, invulnerable force field.  Any hero within 1m of him when he reappears takes damage and is knocked backwards a few meters.

This attack will obviously need some telegraphing and effects to make it not frustrating to get hit out of nowhere – such a damage warning on the ground, or Super-Skrull briefly shimmering back into visibility right before the effect occurs.

Attack 3: Object Throw (10%)

This one's pretty simple – Super-Skrull picks up a large object from the room around him and throws it at a random player.  We should try to populate his boss arenas with objects that are only throwable by "strong" characters (i.e. heroes that have a pickup strength of 8 or greater).  Ideally, the large objects would regenerate in some fashion so that Super-Skrull can use them ad infinitum.

Attack 4: Stretchy Crush (20%)

First, Super-Skrull tries to get as far away from all heroes as he can.  We can either do this via a complicated algorithm, or just make him run to the edge of the screen somewhere in the arena.

Once he's there, his Mr. Fantastic arm turns stretchy as he raises it above his head in a "I'm preparing to hit you from above" motion.  The fist at the end of the arm turns into a giant hammer or other intimidating object.

He then brings his arm down in the manner of a falling tree, with the hammer-fist being the last thing to hit the floor.  Anyone caught under the arm when it hits the floor takes damage, with those caught under the hammer-fist taking even more damage.

Attack 5: Dancing Flames (10%)

Super-Skrull points his arms at opposite sides of the room and creates a parallel wall of flame at each end.  These walls of flame should be at least 5m long – hopefully, at least twice that – but no taller than a half-meter.  That way, they're easily jumped over by players.

Once the walls appear, they slowly move towards each other until they converge, where they cause a mini-explosion that damages all players standing on the line.

Super-Skrull is unaffected by the flames.

Attack 6: Earth Rend (20%)

This one is hard to describe.  The short version: it's a 3D version of the Hulk's secondary super move from Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter .

The long version:

Super-Skrull jams his hands into the floor and rips upwards, causing a "wave" of floor pieces to move towards the closest player.  These floor pieces do not need to visually correspond to the current environment – it can look like dirt, or stone, or whatever we like.

Anything in the path of the "wave" takes damage and is thrown into the air a bit.

Again, tough to describe (and maybe tough to picture), but click on the above link and that'll hopefully help.

Boss Behavior Spec: Thanos

General Notes

Thanos should be about as tall as Super Skrull, with the Infinity Gauntlet on one of his hands.  Whichever hand has the Infinity Gauntlet should be the one that he uses to perform attacks 1 and 2.

Attack 1 – Left Hook

Thanos pulls his left hand waaaaay back, pauses for about a second while the Infinity Gems on his gauntlet sparkle, and then does a big punch that sweeps in front of him.  This attack does a lot of damage and knockback to heroes in range.

Attack 2 – Left Uppercut

Thanos winds up and almost drops to one knee with his left arm cocked.  He pauses for about a second while the Infinity Gems on his gauntlet sparkle, and then does a big uppercut.  This attack does a lot of damage and launches heroes into the air.

Attack 3 – Two-handed beam attack

Thanos balls his hands into fists and slooooowly brings them, elbows down, to his chest.  The Infinity Gems on his gauntlet sparkle for a second or so before he quickly points his fists straight out, firing a solid beam from each hand.  This beam does enormous pushback and damage to anyone caught in its path.

Infinity Gem "Attacks"

For all of Thanos's remaining attacks, he should stick his Infinity Gauntlet hand in the air for a second or so while the appropriate gem glows.  A super-bright colored FX should glow around the gauntlet as it activates.

Each gem buff should last the same amount of time (5-8 seconds), during which the same color FX should draw persistently on Thanos to indicate that he's buffed.

Nice-to-have-but-I-totally-want-it-anyway: Each Infinity Gem "buff" has an ablative shield.  If heroes do enough damage before the buff ends on its own, the buff "shatters" and heroes get the buff for themselves for 5 seconds.

"Attack" 4 – Power Gem

All damage done by Thanos's attacks is multiplied by a set amount (2x – 4x).

"Attack" 5 – Time Gem

Thanos's movement and attack speed is multiplied by a set amount (2x – 3x), while all heroes' movement speeds are reduced by a set amount (0.33x – 0.6x).  It would be great if we could get some motion blur on him while he's affected by this.  If it's too frustrating to have both a fast Thanos and slow heroes, we can choose one or the other.

"Attack" 6 – Reality Gem

During this buff, random objects fall onto the playing field from a parallel dimension.  This can either use Magneto's "big object with warning reticle" tech, or Green Goblin's "stuff falls with no warning" tech.

Other potential ideas: all heroes change into other characters; camera does crazy things like flipping, rotating, desaturating, etc.

"Attack" 7 – Soul Gem

For the duration of the buff, Thanos slowly regenerates health.

"Attack" 8 – Mind Gem

For the duration of the buff, all heroes' super meters are slowly drained.

"Attack" 9 – Space Gem

For the duration of the buff, Thanos gains super armor and takes much less damage, can't be recoiled, etc.

Boss Behavior Spec: Ymir & Surtur


So each one has a shield that makes them take less damage (or maybe it makes them take NORMAL damage).  Getting hit with the opposing element removes the shield for a short time and knocks the boss down temporarily.

The giants don't have standard recoils – if they get hit while they're shielded and moving around, their shield should flash (or whatever) a little bit, but they don't recoil.  Once their shield is broken and they are knocked down (to one knee, on their butts, or whatever – but NOT on their back), they do have recoils.

We still need solutions for:

Since these guys are Sentinel-sized, whatever solution we implemented for targeting them at the correct height should be used again here.

Shared Attack 1:  Re-enable shield

Re-creates shield buff.  The shield should look less like Magneto's (fully spherical, surrounding the character), and more emanating from the ground / swirling around the character.

Surtur (Fire)

Attack 1:  Fire Sword Cleave

180 degree arc in front of him, does big pushback/launch

Attack 2:  Lava Drop/Rain

Damages everyone in an area, including Ymir.

Attack 3:  Fiery Meteor

Damages everyone in an area, including Ymir – behaves like claws.

Attack 4:  Fiery Charge

The flame FX surge around Surtur.  He picks the farthest character away and charges toward him like Abomination.  He keeps going until he either reaches the wall (and stops) or collides with Ymir.  If the latter happens, they both lose their shields, get knocked down, and dizzied.  Any players in his path get knocked down back and take damage.

Ymir (Frost)

Attack 1:  Ice Club attack

Vertical damage in a big line in front of him, clears out enemies.  Should behave exactly like Super Skrull's Stretchy Crush – big damage and flatten under the club, knockdown and smaller damage in a small AoE around it.

Attack 2:  Ice Field*

AoE effect (big radius) that targets a player for 2 seconds, then takes another 2 seconds to appear.  Drastically slows movement speed by debuff.

Attack 3:  Giant (or not) Snowball Drop(s)

Damages everyone in an area, including Surtur – behaves like claws.

Attack 4: Icy Charge

Ymir's spherical (?) ice shield grows more frosty and opaque.  He picks the farthest character away and charges toward him like Abomination.  He keeps going until he either reaches the wall (and stops) or collides with Ymir.  If the latter happens, they both lose their shields, get knocked down, and dizzied.  Any players in his path get knocked down back and take damage.

Thug Behavior Spec: Loki's Mimics


Since one of Loki's signature abilities is granting "life" to inanimate objects, and he doesn't have any traditional minions, we're making a new thug for him.

Initially, these thugs will share models with the throwables, destructibles, and/or props in the Asgard zones.  They'll lean heavily on our new "asleep"/"wake up" behavior – they only change into their "real" form if:

The goal is for the "animated" mimic to still look like the original object, only with some kind of means of moving around.  Whether that's accomplished via FX or by sprouting arms and legs is up to the Character Team.  The object should not walk or move very skillfully – it should stagger, trip, and generally behave like it just was given the gift of locomotion two seconds ago.

Attack 1 – Normal attack

Whatever the mimic uses to move around (FX, arms/legs, rockets, whatever), he now hits the hero with.  This can be a punch (if it has limbs), an FX lash (if it uses FX to move), or whatever else.

Attack 2 – Other attack

The mimic retracts its limbs/FX/whatever and throws itself at its target like the Ultron Popcorn enemies do.

Thug Behavior Spec: Ultron Minion


There are two versions of the Ultron minion – melee and ranged.

Shared Attacks

Attack 1 – Local sonic attack

The Ultron minion goes completely rigid (his legs straighten completely) and he emits a sonic pulse from his little antennae.  This pushes any nearby heroes back a bit, and does minimal damage.

Variant 1 – Ranged version

This version of the Ultron minion will likely be using Ultron's traditional color scheme - silver with glowing red eyes and mouth.

Attack 1 – Eye laser beams

The Ultron minion stabilizes into a shooting position and fires two simultaneous laser beams out of its eyes.  These beams hit their target instantly, doing minor damage.  This attack should be more annoying than damaging.

Visual reference for this attack (including beam thickness, impact effect, etc.) can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DElgPm6hQaA#t=0m05s

Variant 2 – Melee version

This version of the Ultron minion will likely use an alternate color scheme – gunmetal gray with glowing orange eyes and mouth.

Attack 1 – Leg swipe

The Ultron minion digs in his two "rear" legs and strikes at his target with his "front" leg like a talon.  This attack pushes back a bit and does more damage than his sonic attack.