Destiny 2 - Names for Patrols
Io Survey MissionSurvey Lost Oasis and take readings of any anomalous conditions."Don't Look Back in Anger"
Io Survey MissionRemain close to the Pyramidion and survey the surrounding area."The Most Stable Structure"
Io Survey MissionTake readings from Giant's Scar of what the Traveler has left behind."Afterimage"
Io Survey MissionGet to high ground in the Rupture and survey the entire area."10,000-Foot View Pyramid"
Io Survey MissionSurvey Giant's Scar for remnants of the conflict between the Vex and Taken."Window to the Past"
Io Survey MissionExplore Lost Oasis to see if any of the Traveler's energy remains in the troposphere."Up in the Sky"
Io Analysis MissionScan the abnormal Cabal wiring to see if it's in danger of detonation."Wirecutter"
Io Analysis MissionAnalyze the excavation energy tanks for signs of volatility."Potential Energy"
Io Analysis MissionCarefully analyze the Vex Gate and ensure that it's out of commission."Lock the Gates!"
Io Combat MissionNeutralize everything in sight around Giant's Scar."Giving and Receiving"
Io Combat MissionDefeat all enemies in and around Lost Oasis."Bring It on Down"
Io Combat MissionEliminate enemy forces in the Rupture."Rapture in the Rupture"
Io Salvage MissionRecover ionized ingots from Taken in Giant's Scar."Giant Stones"
Io Salvage MissionDefeat Vex Goblins in Giant's Scar and recover their Radiolarian Pods."It Does a Bot Good"
Io Salvage MissionEliminate Vex in Giant's Scar and take any ionized ingots they leave behind."Robot Rocks"
Io Salvage MissionNeutralize Taken around Lost Oasis and collect ionized ingots they drop."Dark Oasis"
Io Salvage MissionCollect ionized ingots from Taken in the Rupture."Corruption in the Rupture"
Io Salvage MissionDefeat Vex Goblins in the Rupture and collect their Radiolarian Pods."Bot Milk?"
Io Salvage MissionEliminate Vex in the Rupture and recover the ionized ingots they leave behind."Rupture Eruption"
Io Assassination MissionFind and eliminate the Taken Virologist."Defragmentation"
Io Assassination MissionFind and neutralize the Vortex Mind."Category Five"
Io Assassination MissionFind and eliminate the Taken Polarizer."Severed Spine"
Io Assassination MissionFind and destroy the Recursive Mind."Gatecrasher"
EDZ Assassination MissionTaken enemies threaten to blanket the EDZ with shadow. Cut off the corruption at its source."Only You Can Prevent"
EDZ Assassination MissionA Fallen Servitor is stripping the cavern walls for minerals. Put a stop to it."Deep, Dark, and Down"
EDZ Assassination MissionFallen scavenging crews continue to present a problem in Maevic Square. Eliminate their leader to solve the problem."The Scavenge Beast"
EDZ Assassination MissionSojourner's Camp has been overrun by a Fallen raiding party. Find its leader and eliminate him."Other People's Stuff"
EDZ Survey MissionUneven ground makes for an unknowable field of battle. Explore the waterlogged terrain to change that."Everybody in the Pools"
EDZ Survey MissionMove among the abandoned vehicles and scattered debris, and keep an eye out for anything new."Coasting"
EDZ Survey MissionThe Fallen are more familiar with terrain in the Outskirts than humanity is. Shift that balance."Urban Flight"
EDZ Survey MissionSurvey the surrounding refineries to gain intelligence about Red Legion behavior."Something More Refined"
EDZ Survey MissionTake stock of the area to prepare for future Red Legion engagements."Paved with Good Intentions"
EDZ Survey MissionSee what kind of damage the Taken have caused in the Gulch."Beneath the Surfaces"
EDZ Survey MissionInvestigate the shores and try to learn more."Getting Away from It All"
EDZ Survey MissionGet to high ground and keep an eye on Red Legion troop movements."Return to Basics"
EDZ Survey MissionThere's been a lull in Fallen activity. Survey the area to see if no news is good news."The Hills Have You"
EDZ Survey MissionSearch the surrounding industrial area for any sign of new Red Legion advances."Land Ho"
EDZ Survey MissionInvestigate any unusual activity in Trostland."Back in Town"
EDZ Survey MissionMake sure the Red Legion hasn't seized even more territory in Winding Cove."Beachcombing"
EDZ Analysis MissionScan the area for any anomalous residue of Taken energy."Treehugger"
EDZ Analysis MissionDescend into the mines and search for any still-functioning Golden Age technology."Mining Operations"
EDZ Analysis MissionRetrieve a three-dimensional scan of a pre-Collapse sculpture in Maevic Square."Chronicler of History"
EDZ Analysis MissionAnalyze the heavy armor transport generators for hacking vulnerabilities."Living Under a Rock"
EDZ Analysis MissionGet close to the shielded container and see if there's any sign of what was inside."What's in the Box"
EDZ Analysis MissionLook for any sign of structural weakness in the supports."Claustrophobia"
EDZ Analysis MissionAccess the research network and try to find out what the Red Legion were doing with the Shard."A Shard Act to Follow"
EDZ Analysis MissionMake sure the abandoned equipment in Sojourner's Camp is still functional."Camping Trip"
EDZ Combat MissionEngage and destroy all targets in the Sludge."Industrial Warfare"
EDZ Combat MissionDefeat enemies in the streets and buildings of this ruined town."Not in My Backyard"
EDZ Combat MissionEliminate targets in the area surrounding Echion Hold."On the Land As on the Sea"
EDZ Combat MissionPush all enemies out of the Gulch by any means necessary."Wetwork"
EDZ Combat MissionNeutralize everything in sight around Firebase Hades."Firebase Fireworks"
EDZ Combat MissionEliminate enemy forces in Winding Cove."Unsafe for Swimming"
EDZ Combat MissionDefeat enemies in and around the Outskirts."Suburban Violence"
EDZ Salvage MissionEliminate Legionaries in the Sludge and collect the Red Legion Supplies they drop."This is For Your Own Goods"
EDZ Salvage MissionDefeat Red Legion Psions in the Sludge and recover their dropped supplies."Psion Their Own Supply"
EDZ Salvage MissionRecover Forgotten Journals from defeated Red Legion enemies in the Sludge."Environmental Storytelling"
EDZ Salvage MissionEliminate Dregs in Trostland and recover their Drained Ether Tanks."Cleaning Up the Streets"
EDZ Salvage MissionDefeat Fallen in Trostland and collect the Forgotten Journals they drop."Those Don't Belong to You"
EDZ Salvage MissionRecover Red Legion Supplies from Psions in Sunken Isles."Work Smarter and Harder"
EDZ Salvage MissionNeutralize Legionaries in Sunken Isles and take their supplies."Sunken Supplies"
EDZ Salvage MissionDefeat Psions in the Gulch and collect any Red Legion Supplies they leave behind."River Transport"
EDZ Salvage MissionTake Red Legion Supplies from defeated Legionaries in the Gulch."De-Supplying the Legion"
EDZ Salvage MissionEliminate Red Legion Psions in Firebase Hades and recover their dropped supplies."Brain Oxygenation"
EDZ Salvage MissionCollect Red Legion Supplies from Legionaries in Firebase Hades."Supply Run"
EDZ Salvage MissionRecover Drained Ether Tanks from Fallen enemies in Winding Cove."Invisible Pollution"
EDZ Salvage MissionNeutralize Fallen Dregs in Winding Cove and collect their Drained Ether Tanks."Cleaning Up the Beach"
EDZ Salvage MissionEliminate Fallen Vandals in the Outskirts and pick up their Drained Ether Tanks."Vandal Tanks"
EDZ Salvage MissionCollect Drained Ether Tanks from Fallen Dregs in the Outskirts."Bottle Recycling"
EDZ Salvage MissionDefeat Fallen in the Outskirts and collect any Forgotten Journals they drop."Fallen Literacy Rates"
EDZ Assassination MissionAn incendiary confrontation awaits in the tunnels. Defeat the dangerous target."Fire Down Below"
EDZ Assassination MissionNeutralize the Red Legion officer responsible for overseeing security efforts."Security en Garde"
EDZ Assassination MissionFind the new Phalanx in charge of the Tunnels and eliminate him."Underground Fighting"
EDZ Assassination MissionHunt down the leader of the Red Legion's Firebase artillery forces."Slamfire"
Titan Assassination MissionFind and eliminate the Chromatic Scrapper."Spherochromatism"
Titan Assassination MissionFind and neutralize the Energized Brute."Power Surge"
Titan Survey MissionFind a good spot in Siren's Watch to see as much of the surrounding methane oceans as possible."High Water Mark"
Titan Survey MissionGet the lay of the land in Siren's Watch, for the good of future supply drops."Tight to the Mast"
Titan Survey MissionSurvey the Rig to catalog the damage done by Hive encrustation."What a View"
Titan Survey MissionFind an elevated position in the Rig to survey what remains."Shipping Costs"
Titan Analysis MissionAnalyze the offline information terminal to recover a Golden Age file structure."Would You Like to Know More"
Titan Analysis MissionAccess the corrupted terminal to see if any data is still salvageable."Logical Damage"
Titan Analysis MissionAnalyze the preserved remains of the Arcology construction official."Look at the Bones"
Titan Combat MissionEliminate all targets in the Rig."Relieve the Kraken"
Titan Combat MissionNeutralize enemies in Siren's Watch."Watch Out!"
Titan Salvage MissionRecover drained Ether tanks from Fallen Vandals in the Rig."Tanks and Tanks"
Titan Salvage MissionEliminate Hive in the Rig and pick up any Golden Age Components they drop."Artifacts from the Deep"
Titan Salvage MissionCollect Drained Ether Tanks from Dregs in Siren's Watch."Running Dry, Somehow"
Titan Salvage MissionDefeat Fallen in Siren's Watch and collect Golden Age Components they leave behind."Scavenged Components"
Titan Assassination MissionFind and eliminate the Drenched Sorceress."Death at Sea"
Nessus Assassination MissionFind and destroy the Attenuation Mind."Acoustic Shadow"
Nessus Assassination MissionFind and eliminate the Nucleative Mind."Unilateral Disarmament"
Nessus Assassination MissionFind and neutralize the Igneous Mind."Mind Control"
Nessus Assassination MissionFind and eliminate the Photometric Mind."Pools Party"
Nessus Assassination MissionFind and destroy the Accumulative Mind."Thermal Decomposition"
Nessus Assassination MissionFind and eliminate the Spelaeothem Mind."Below Vex"
Nessus Assassination MissionFind and neutralize the Ozone Polluter."The Point of No Return"
Nessus Assassination MissionFind and destroy the Liquid Mind."States of Matter"
Nessus Survey MissionAnalyze the crashed shuttle in Artifact's Edge to search for insight on Nessus."What is This Place?"
Nessus Survey MissionGet a good look at the flowing radiolarian rivers to try to divine their destination."Spelunking"
Nessus Survey MissionDescend into an abandoned amphitheater and analyze the area for hints to its function."Brave to the Grave"
Nessus Survey MissionSurvey the mysterious cascades of radiolarian fluid in the Cistern."Should the Pool Be Glowing?"
Nessus Survey MissionAnalyze the empty containers of supplies from the Exodus Black to search for clues about its fate."The Crash Site"
Nessus Survey MissionAnalyze the hybrid "trees" of the Tangle to see how far Vex flora techology has advanced."Untangling the Situation"
Nessus Survey MissionSurvey the edge of a large pit in the Hallows for aberrant gravitational readings."Watch Your Step"
Nessus Survey MissionFind a shady spot in the Tangle and analyze the temperature differential."Brave New World"
Nessus Survey MissionGet close to the skeleton of crashed spacecraft and analyze its composition for structural flaws."Taking Shelter"
Nessus Survey MissionFrom high ground, survey the wreckage of the Exodus Black in the Glade of Echoes."Seeing is Believing"
Nessus Survey MissionSurvey the amphitheater-like structure in Watcher's Grave for signs of increased Vex activity."Watch What Happens"
Nessus Survey MissionSurvey the remnants of the crashed colony ship to find any significant differences in chemical makeup."Through the Wreckage"
Nessus Survey MissionTake readings from the strange trees in the Tangle."Crimson Canopy"
Nessus Survey MissionBeneath a perfect sphere, search for any trace of gate travel resonance."The Shapes of Things"
Nessus Analysis MissionAnalyze the bizarre Vex statues to try to learn of their origins and purpose."Binary and Digital"
Nessus Analysis MissionScan the half-finished sphere and compare its construction to that of a Fallen Servitor."Having a Ball"
Nessus Analysis MissionTake readings from the large crystal to see if its nature is organic or synthetic."Nothing is Crystal Clear"
Nessus Analysis MissionAnalyze the central platform and see if it has recently moved."Out of Order"
Nessus Analysis MissionFind a traditional source of heat and light and see what the Vex would use it for."Don't Pass the Torch"
Nessus Analysis MissionSearch for a stalactite-stalagmite hybrid and analyze its structure."Ceiling and Ground"
Nessus Analysis MissionScan the silicate pillar to ensure that its core functions are offline."Long Way Down"
Nessus Combat MissionNeutralize targets in the Tangle."Entanglement"
Nessus Combat MissionDestroy all enemies in the Glade of Echoes."Soundproofing"
Nessus Combat MissionEliminate all enemies in Artifact's Edge."Artifact Hunting"
Nessus Combat MissionNeutralize all enemies in the Cistern."Bathtime"
Nessus Combat MissionDestroy targets in the Hallows."An Empty Feeling"
Nessus Combat MissionEliminate all targets in Exodus Black."No Survivors"
Nessus Combat MissionDefeat all enemies in Watcher's Grave."Putting Them in Their Graves"
Nessus Salvage MissionDestroy Vex Harpies in the Tangle and collect the Radiolarian Pods that remain."Sifting Through the Tangle"
Nessus Salvage MissionDefeat Vex in the Tangle and recover any dropped Conversion Matrices."Tangled Up in Red"
Nessus Salvage MissionSalvage the Drained Ether Tanks of defeated Fallen Vandals in the Glade of Echoes."Echoes of What Remains"
Nessus Salvage MissionEliminate Fallen in the Glade of Echoes and take the Conversion Matrices they drop."Conversion One"
Nessus Salvage MissionDestroy Vex in Artifact's Edge and collect the Conversion Matrices they drop."Searching High and Low"
Nessus Salvage MissionNeutralize Fallen enemies in the Cistern and recover their Drained Ether Tanks."Half Empty"
Nessus Salvage MissionIn the Cistern, collect Conversion Matrices from Fallen Vandals."Cistern Vandals"
Nessus Salvage MissionDefeat Vex Goblins in the Hallows and collect the Radiolarian Pods they leave behind."Pods in the Hallows"
Nessus Salvage MissionRecover Conversion Matrices from defeated Vex in the Hallows."Hallows, What's This?"
Nessus Salvage MissionEliminate Fallen Vandals in Exodus Black and salvage their Drained Ether Tanks."Secure Your Mask before Helping Others"
Nessus Salvage MissionRecover Drained Ether Tanks from Fallen Dregs in Exodus Black."Drained from the Dregs"
Nessus Salvage MissionDefeat Fallen enemies in Exodus Black and collect the Conversion Matrices they've stolen."Fallen, Out of the Sky"
Nessus Salvage MissionEliminate Vex Harpies in Watcher's Grave and salvage their Radiolarian Pods."Radiolarian to the Grave"
Nessus Salvage MissionDefeat Vex in Watcher's Grave and recover the Conversion Matrices they drop."Not Like This"