Destiny 2 - Miscellaneous Writing

The Dawning 2017 - "Dawning's Gift" items

"Gift Schematic" TextCompleted GiftCompleted Gift DescriptionTurn-in Text
The Crucible Lord's booming voice can be heard all over the Tower. It must get tiring. Complete the following objectives:

- Collect Phaseglass from Io to melt down
- Defeat Servitors to harvest their unrefined Ether
Crucible Throat LozengesThese will be critical for keeping Shaxx's energy up during his Crucible duties. Deliver them to him in the Tower Courtyard.Shaxx's voice already sounds better even though the package of lozenges is still closed. Still, he seems grateful.
Zavala needs something to help him relieve the stress of having lost the City to the Red Legion. Complete the following objectives:

- Defeat Red Legion enemies to synthesize their armor
- Collect Phaseglass from Io to enable dynamic resizing of bonded solids
Ghaul Stress ToyZavala will squeeze this and feel better about the events of the Red War. Deliver it to him in the Tower Courtyard.Zavala thanks you for the thoughtful gift, and begins squeezing it immediately. Forcefully.
Life in the Hangar can get a bit messy, and Amanda doesn't often take breaks to deal with it. Complete the following objectives:

- Defeat enemies on Nessus to collect tiny synthetic plant fibers
- Collect Dusklight from the EDZ to pulverize into thread
Bandana Variety PackContaining scarlet, carmine, crimson, vermilion, cardinal, ruby, and red. Bring this to Amanda Holliday in the Tower Hangar.You blink and Amanda has already swapped her old bandana for one of the new ones. You think.
Rahool could use a gift equal to what he's given Humanity over the years. Complete the following objectives:

- Collect engrams for raw materials
- Defeat Taken enemies to capture their shadowy essence
Coal in the Shape of an EngramGiving gifts is part of the Dawning's traditions. Doing unto others as they've done unto you is another. Bring this to Rahool in the Tower Courtyard.Rahool frowns at the engram-shaped chunk of blackness, but he chuckles after a second. It's clear he appreciates the jab.
Hawthorne and her feathered friend have been through a lot over the years. Complete the following objectives:

- Defeat enemies on Nessus to collect organosynthetic construction residue
- Collect Alkane Spores from Titan to catalyze it into a new form
Ornithological SedativesThis packet of medicine is perfect for Louis and his occasional bouts of high energy. Bring it to Hawthorne in the Tower Bazaar.Both Louis and his lifelong friend appreciate the thoughtful gift you've brought them. He seems calmer already.
The relentless spray of Titan's methane ocean can be exhausting for its defenders. Complete the following objectives:

- Defeat Hive Acolytes to collect their water-resistant skin
- Collect Datalattice from Nessus to create pseudo-organic algorithms
Auto-UmbrellaThis programmatically deploying bumbershoot will keep everyone in Titan's command center dry. Deliver it to Sloane.Sloane's stern demeanor doesn't crack when you hand her the gift, but she's never been one for effusive displays of gratitude.
The Gunsmith has been rebooted so many times that he sometimes has trouble keeping things straight. Complete the following objectives:

- Defeat Vex Hobgoblins to collect their metal for melting down
- Collect Datalattice from Nessus for Exo-related modifications
Bullet LocketInside this intricately crafted piece of jewelry are artifically recreated memories of Banshee's past. Bring it to him in the Tower Courtyard.Banshee looks like he recognizes what you've brought him, but you can't be sure. There's no mistaking the gratitude in his eyes, though.
It gets cold on Io, but Asher's often too busy to do anything about it. Complete the following objectives:

- Defeat enemies on Titan to harvest Golden Age microfibers
- Collect Phaseglass Spires on Io for temperature-regulating stitching
A Single Sweater ArmNot a dropped stitch in sight on this expertly crafted sleeve to keep one of Asher's arms warm. Bring it to him on Io.Asher offers as much gratitude as ever for the thoughtful gift—which is to say, very, very little.
Cayde made many friends during the Red War, but he's grown especially fond of a certain someone. Complete the following objectives:

- Defeat Hive Wizards for pieces of their brittle capes
- Collect Dusklight from the EDZ to craft a perfect replica
Chicken-Sized Horn and CapeThis outfit, made of the finest materials, is truly fit for a Colonel. Deliver it to Cayde in the Tower Hangar.Cayde looks around quickly to see if anyone has noticed, and stashes the gift as only a Hunter could.
Devrim is ready for a change from one of his usual vices. Complete the following objectives:

- Defeat Vex Fanatics for their milky radiolarian fluid
- Collect Alkane from Titan to shake on top
Almost EggnogAs long as you don't look at it too closely, or smell it, or taste it, this substance could pass for a holiday drink. Bring it to Devrim in the EDZ.Devrim raises an eyebrow at the gift, but his gratitude seems genuine. He does not take a sip, however.
Ikora is looking for something to augment her new outlook on life. Complete the following objectives:

- Defeat Hive Thrall to harvest their leathery hides
- Collect Datalattice from Nessus to imbue the receptacle with Golden Age information
1,001 Hilarious Space JokesThe idea of Ikora telling these jokes is worth the trouble it took to make the book. Bring it to her in the Tower Bazaar.You could swear you saw a hint of a smile on Ikora's face as you gave her the book, but it's already gone.
Failsafe feels a bit cooped up on Nessus and could use a night out on the town. Complete the following objectives:

- Collect Dusklight Crystals from the EDZ
- Defeat Vex Minotaurs to collect their ultra-hard metal
Fancy EarringsThe Dusklight glitters brightly in these gorgeous earrings. Bring them to Failsafe on Nessus, and let her figure out the rest.Failsafe hasn't yet tried on the earrings, but she's clearly quite impressed by the thoughtful gift.

Torn Fragments from a Once-Kept Journal: Mercury

—and so I say, "What's the difference between nine wins, zero losses and seven wins, two losses, anyway?" And he says, "Two wins. It's very obviously a difference of two wins." So I say, "But aren't we all winners in the Trials of Osiris, really?" And he says, "Not all of us, apparently." And that, Ace, is why I've never been allowed back into the Lighthouse—not the fact that I smuggled myself inside hiding in a crate of—

—From the journals of Cayde-6

—and believe me, Ace, I know creepy. It's not just the great big sun on their robes. You know, the thing I said before looked like the Traveler inside a sea urchin? …Wait a minute, I just realized I've never actually seen a sea urchin. Those are the ones that inflate like balloons when you look at 'em funny, right? Hang on, now this is gonna bug me. Gotta go look up pictures of urchins. I'll let you know if—

—From the journals of Cayde-6

—he just KNEW things, Ace. Things about the universe. Things about light and dark. Things about me that I never told anyone, not even you. They say that he knew he was going to get exiled from the City—and he did all that stuff anyway. Gotta admire someone with that kind of resolve. And now that he's back in the land of the living, I'm sure he's got all kinds of new things to say about stuff he shouldn't know—

—From the journals of Cayde-6

—I know, it's hard to believe. Someone with a sense of humor even more beloved than mine. But that's Sagira for you. I gotta say, Ace, I don't know what her secret is. To be attached to a blowhard like Osiris for that many years and not lose your smile? Pretty impressive. Some days it feels like I'm Zavala's Ghost. Chained to him like I'm a magnificent sailing vessel and he's a frowny blue anchor. And—

—From the journals of Cayde-6