Creature Hunter Online sample quests

Safari Camp

Path of the Explorer


Visit all the sub-zones of Peaceful Hills.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

Ah, another prospective hero arrives in Safari Camp!  Good, good.  Welcome, young <man/lady>!

I take it from the look on your face that this is your first visit to Peaceful Hills.  Then perhaps you would like to explore our home a bit?

Take a look around, <class>.  Drink in the sights and sounds.  Just watch out for the Strays in the area.  Some of them aren't as friendly as you may have been led to believe.  Come find me when you are finished.

Questgiver Progress Text:

How goes the journey, <class>?  Have you seen the highs and lows of Peaceful Hills?

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

Well?  What did you think?  Even after our world was split into pieces, it's still amazing.  Well, I think so, anyway.

I'm surprised you took the time to explore all of Peaceful Hills.  Maybe if some of my fellow Tinkers would follow your example, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in now.

But enough about that.  Here, take this.

No More Fungus Among Us


Defeat the Shroomkin that are trespassing in the Tinkers' camp.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

You know, I used to like mushrooms.  A lot of Tinkers think they're a bit strange, but I always found them delicious.

But that was before they started walking around by themselves.  Delicious morsels shouldn't be walking around. Or invading our research camp, for that matter.

I don't think you can do anything about that first problem, but could you help us out with the second?

Questgiver Progress Text:

I hope you can get those Shroomkin out of here soon.  I can't concentrate when they're around.

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

They're gone?  Thank goodness!  It'll be nice to not have to worry about fungus invasion for a change.

The First of Many


Capture a {EARTH PET A}.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

Excellent!  A Gifted in Peaceful Hills.  We've seen quite a few of your kind around, but no matter how many I see, I never get used to how talented you are.

I don't suppose you'd like to show us just HOW talented.  There are plenty of Strays around here that would make great additions to your roster.  But you should focus on the {EARTH PET A}.

Capture one of them and then come back here.  I want to see your handiwork myself.

Questgiver Progress Text:

How goes it, <class>?  Have you captured a {EARTH PET A} yet?

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

Ah, to be young and to have your gift.  It really is amazing, what you Gifted can do with the Strays.  Believe me, that gift will serve you well in Sunder.  Just you wait.

In the meantime, take this.

The Other First of Many


Capture a {EARTH PET B}.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

Look, I don't mean to be rude, but I've about had my fill of you Gifted running through this place on their way to some other spot, and then running back five minutes later.  Some of us are trying to work!  We don't have time to reset our calibrations every time one of you uses Peaceful Hills as a rest stop.

If you're going to insist on barreling through here like a {EARTH PET B} and disrupting our research, then you can at least show me you're better than them.  Bring me one.  A {EARTH PET B}, that is.

Questgiver Progress Text:

Well?  Have you captured a {EARTH PET B}?  That would go a long way towards undoing some of the damage you Gifted have done here.

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

Well, how about that.  I'll be honest with you – I didn't think you'd actually take me seriously.  I've just gotten used to my fellow Tinkers not paying attention to what's going on around them.  I figured the Gifted had the same problem.

I have to say, it feels good being wrong.

Take this for your trouble.  And now, if you don't mind...

Lights Out


Collect a number of Thriving Vines and bring them back to Safari camp.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

Hello, <class>.  It's a beautiful day, isn't it?  Well, I guess it is.  It's hard to tell sometimes here in the Camp.

Because of the sunlight, I mean.  Or, not enough sunlight.  It's awfully dark, is my point.  I've been trying to figure out a way to brighten things up around here, but I've been busy researching other things.

Hey, wait.  You could help me!  You're going to travel all over this place anyway.  Could you keep an eye out for any especially well-off vines?  I want to study them to see how they're doing so well.

Questgiver Progress Text:

Welcome back.  I don't suppose you have any vines for me...?

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

Outstanding!  These will do nicely.  Hmm, yes.  Yes.  I see.  Hmm.

Oh, right!  Thank you very much.  Take this for your time.  I know it's as precious as mine, after all.  Hmm...

Part of a Balanced Breakfast


Collect a number of Wildberries and bring them back to Safari Camp.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

Don't mind me.  That was just my stomach growling.  No, no, don't say anything.  I know you heard it.  How could you not?  I haven't had anything decent to eat in days!

I don't suppose you have any Wildberries on you, do you?  No?  Oh, you should.  They're delicious!  But they don't grow around here.  All that grows around here are plants, plants, and more plants.

I tell you what.  You bring me some Wildberries, and I won't tell Turon that you stomped on his experiment when you came through the portal.

Questgiver Progress Text:

Please tell me you have some Wildberries.  I don't know how many more leaf sandwiches I can take!

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

They weren't kidding when they started calling you all the Gifted.  You're okay in my book, <class>.

Oh, and don't worry.  Your secret is safe with me.  Turon never has to know a thing.

What's Going On Down There?


Go to the Tuffalo Grounds and speak to Kerus.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

Now that you've got your {EARTH PET 1}, I don't feel so nervous about you wandering around Peaceful Hills unprotected.  That {EARTH PET 1} will serve you well, I'm sure.  And you might need it when you travel down the road behind me.

Some of our fellow researchers are at the bottom of the hill.  But we haven't heard from any of them in a few days.  They're studying the Tuffaloes.  And if you haven't seen a Tuffalo up close, you really should.

Could you go make sure they're okay?  Find Kerus and talk to him.  It's his turn to keep in touch.

Questgiver Progress Text:

How do you do, <class>?  Have you come to view the Tuffaloes?

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

What's that?  Gungat is worried about me?  Gee, I didn't think it had been that long since I've talked to him.  I'm fine, of course.  Well, sort of.

Tuffalo Grounds

Soothe the Savage Beast


Capture a Tuffalo.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

These Tuffaloes truly are magnificent creatures, but they're far too dangerous for personal study.  When Katell got too close to one the other day, it swatted him with that big tail.  He doesn't get up next to them anymore.

You look like the nimble sort, though.  I bet you could capture one without getting swatted by a tail.  Or worse.  Bring one back to us and we can study it further.

Questgiver Progress Text:

How fares the Tuffalo hunt?  Anything you'd like to share with us?

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

Excellent!  I knew you could do it.  I just didn't think you'd do it so quickly.  We've already gathered some useful data by watching you capture that Tuffalo.  You've saved us a lot of time.  And swattings.

Pushing Them Too Far


Defeat M. Bison.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

I don't understand why the Tuffaloes are so unhappy with what we're trying to do here.

What do you mean, how do I know they're unhappy?  Can't you see it in their eyes?

Well, neither can I, really.  I can't get close enough to see them.  But I can just tell!  They look like they're moping.  And I think one of them is the source of the problem:  M. Bison.

Maybe if you go beat him up, then the rest of the Tuffaloes will realize that we mean them no harm.

Questgiver Progress Text:

How fares the Bison hunting?

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

Well, that ought to teach those Tuffaloes to think that we're a threat to them.  I mean, other than Bison.  I guess you were a threat to him.  But at least he's not a threat to us!

Wait, what were we talking about?

Tinkering with Their Personality


Use the Tuffalo Personality Extractor in the Tuffalo herd.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  That's what I always say.  No, it's true.  Ask anyone around here and they'll tell you.  I'm always saying it.  In fact, I think they might be a little tired of hearing me say it.

But that's not the point here.  The point is, when it comes to Tuffaloes, we haven't been able to beat 'em.  They won't let us join 'em.  So if you can't beat 'em, and you can't join 'em, then what's left?

That's right!  Extract 'em.  Their personality, I mean.  We need to figure out how to join 'em.  Because beating 'em sure isn't working.

Take this Tuffalo Personality Extractor that I've been working on.  Go into the middle of the herd down there and use it.  And let's see what happens.

Questgiver Progress Text:

Have you used the TPE yet?  We're all anxious to see the results.

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

Ah, the extraction is complete, I see.  Let me take a look.

Tough Love


Defeat a bunch of Tuffaloes.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

Hmm.  I was afraid of this.  The Tuffalo Personality Extraction shows that the Tuffaloes are already set in their thinking.  Looks like they've already made up their minds about us.

There's only one solution to this problem: we've got to knock some sense into them!

Go show those Tuffaloes who's boss, would you?  I think that'll be just the thing to get us on the path to a long-lasting friendship.

Questgiver Progress Text:

How goes the lesson?  Are those Tuffaloes listening to reason?

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

Hmm, they don't seem to be reacting any differently.  Maybe brute force wasn't necessarily the right course of action here.

Well, that's a problem for another day.  Thanks for your help, <class>.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get started with recalibrating the Tuffalo Personality Extractor.  Something doesn't feel quite right.

A Trip to the Pond


Speak to Kemel at Kemel's Pond.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

You've done a lot for us here, <class>.  So I'm going to be honest with you.  We're a little concerned.

No, no, not about you!  I'm sure you're fine.  I mean... aren't you?  Are you feeling all right?  No, I'm sure you are.  How could you not be?

But Kemel may not be.  He's been conducting his experiments among the Bellyfloats for weeks now.  And a few of us are worried that, well... he might be working too hard.

Can you go down to his pond and check on him?

Questgiver Progress Text:

Shhhh!  You'll scare away the Bellyfloats!

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

Oh, now you've done it.  I was this close to finishing my observation for this week.

Well, what is it?  I hope you've come down here for a good reason.

Kemel's Pond

Splendor in the Grass


Collect Wriggleworm Grass for Kemel.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

That's awfully nice of my fellows to be concerned about me, but I'm quite all right.  Better than all right, actually – I'm nearly finished with my research into the physiological, sociological, and anthropological aspects of the Abdominus Levarus.

Oh.  Right, sorry.  I'm nearly finished studying these Bellyfloats, I mean.  I'm just missing one piece of the puzzle: Wriggleworm Grass.

You see, these Bellyfloats love the stuff.  Can't get enough of it.  And if I can collect a sizable amount, I'm sure they'll let me get closer.

Could you help me out?

Questgiver Progress Text:

How goes the grass collecting?  It's not glamorous, but it'll sure be helpful!

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

Excellent!  This should be plenty of grass.  But I was thinking while you were gone... will it be enough?

Berry Good for Bellyfloats


Collect Freshwater Wildberries for Kemel to give to the Bellyfloats.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

The last thing I want to do is to unduly influence the Bellyfloats' diet.  Too much grass and their behavior may change.  And that would invalidate this entire project!  That won't do at all.

To be safe, we should probably collect more interesting morsels for them.

I know they're just wild about Freshwater Wildberries.  See if you can rustle up some fruit to go with their vegetables, would you?

Questgiver Progress Text:

Thinking about all those Wildberries is making ME hungry, now.  Have you collected enough of them?

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

They certainly smell delicious.  I think these will be just perfect!

Who You Gonna Call?


Defeat the Spectres that are close to the Bellyfloats.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

The Bellyfloats always seem to get a little skittish when they're surrounded by too many Spectres.  I can't say that I blame them – they are a little spooky.

My research has been successful so far because the Bellyfloats are so comfortable with me.  If they get too scared of the Spectres, then all my work will have been for nothing.

You look like you're capable of defending yourself.  Think you could take care of those Spectres?

Questgiver Progress Text:

The spectre of failure hangs over us all, <class>.  You must not fail!

Okay, that was a bad pun.  I apologize.

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

You've taken care of the Spectres?  That's great news.  I think we're one step closer to finishing what we started here and returning to the Epicenter.

It's Good to Be the King


Bring Kemel a Bellyfloat Crown from other Bellyfloats.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

I think I'm ready, <class>.  We've given the Bellyfloats food and gotten rid of their pondmates.  If they don't let me into their pack now, they never will.

But just to be safe, I want to leave no room for failure.  I want to make sure that I walk among them as first among equals.  And that means a Bellyfloat Crown.

These Bellyfloats don't believe in putting anyone on a pedestal.  But I know that the other Bellyfloats in this zone aren't as carefree.  One of the Bellyfloats in Peaceful Hills has to be in charge.  I just don't know which one.  That's where you come in.

Find me a Bellyfloat Crown, and we can finally close the book on my research.

Questgiver Progress Text:

Have you found the Crown?  I'm starting to wonder if it even exists.

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

You found it!  Oh, that's great news.  Now here, hold this while I try it on...

100 Percent Pure Unfiltered Water


Get rid of the Spectral Pollutants that surround Kemel's Pond.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

Have you visited the pond yet, <class>?  Sure, it's pretty.  Sure, it's full of water.  Who could ask for anything more, right?

I could, that's who!  And you should, too.  This water should be completely pure.  You should be able to put it in batteries.

Before you ask, no, you can't put it in batteries.  I've tried.  But if you help me, I think we can solve that problem.  All the Spectres around the pond seem to leave their essence behind them wherever they go.  That essence forms into pockets of pollution in the pond.

Take this Spectral Pollution Undoing Device and use it on the pollution in the pond.  It'll be good for all of us.

Questgiver Progress Text:

Have you purified the pond?  We're all a little thirsty.

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

Ah, you're a true champion of the sea, <class>.  Or the pond, I suppose.  There aren't many seas left in Sunder, sadly.  But let's focus on the positive.



Go to the Borto's Glen and speak to Barcle.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

You've helped us so much with our Bellyfloat research, but I can tell you're ready to move on.

I recommend you visit Borto's Glen and see what my fellow Tinkers are up to.  Their research into the Simian Visitation is turning up some results that are truly fascinating!

Tell them we said hello, and that they'd better hurry up if they want to make this week's issue of Tinker Research Weekly.  That ought to give them a boost.

Questgiver Progress Text:

Welcome to Borto's Glen, <class>.  Is there something I can do for you?

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

They've nearly finished with their research on the Bellyfloats?  Well, good for them.  But we're doing much more important work on the Simian Visitation here.  Being published can wait.  For a little while, anyway.

Borto's Glen



Clear out the Sprouting Boltheads from Borto's Glen.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

We came here to study the Rotation Station with the rest of the Tinkers at the Ruins.  But where's the fun in being the sixth Tinker to do the same thing?

I'll tell you where the fun is: right here.  There are all kinds of interesting things out here if you know where to look.  And we definitely know where to look.

The problem is that this place is crawling with Strays.  They're everywhere!  And they keep messing with our experiments and research.  Could you clear some of them out of here?  It would really help us out.

Questgiver Progress Text:

One of those Boltheads just ruined a week's worth of data.  I hope you're teaching them a lesson.

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

Well done, <class>.  We've got more important things to worry about than having all our magnifying glasses buried.  Let me know if you find any, by the way.

Clear Skies


Clear out the Bellyfloats from Borto's Glen.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

With all those Boltheads out of the picture, I'm sure the Bellyfloats think they can just move in here and pick up where the Boltheads left off.  We need to make sure that doesn't happen.

I mean, you need to make sure of that.  We're going to be too busy continuing our research into these structures.  But I'm sure you Gifted are eager to help us poor Tinkers out, right?  That's what I've heard, anyway.

Questgiver Progress Text:

Have you fought off the deadly Bellyfloat invasion?  They're more devious than they look!

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

Well, that's a relief.  It'll be good to worry about exploring these relics of the past, and not about creepy one-eyed floaty monsters.  For now.

See Monkeys


Investigate all the Simian statues in Borto's Glen.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

There's more to these statues than meets the eye.  My eyes, anyway – I'm not sure about how Gifted eyes work.  Let me take a look.

You've got two, at least.  That's encouraging.  But not too encouraging for this problem.

It can't hurt to try, though.  Could you investigate all the statues around here and see if there's a pattern I'm missing?  Maybe I've just been here too long.

Questgiver Progress Text:

Have you investigated all the statues?  I know I'm missing something, but I just can't think of what.  Although I guess if I did know, I wouldn't be missing it.  Hmm...

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

I can tell by the look on your face that you've checked all the Simian statues.  But no luck, eh?  They're all the same?

Wait a minute.  They're all the same.  That's it!  They're all the same!  That means there was only one Simian that visited!  Our ancestors would have made different statues otherwise.

You've helped me make a breakthrough, <class>.  I can never fully repay you.  This will have to do.

Long Lost Treasure


Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

The problem with having a hunch is that it's just a hunch.  We came here because we had a feeling there was something special about these statues.  I think there's more to it than that – I think there's treasure to be found!

The only trouble is, I don't know what kind of treasure.  But then, it wouldn't be as fun to find if I knew exactly what it was!

Could you take a look around here and see if you find any treasure?  Maybe a fresh set of eyes will help.

Questgiver Progress Text:

Did you find any treasure?  I wish I had time to go exploring like you Gifted!

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

Fantastic!  These are... um... well, I'm sure they're extremely valuable!  To... someone.  We'll see.  Thank you for collecting them!

All Play and No Work


Go to the Mossy Ruins and speak to Serber.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

Those Tinkers down at the Mossy Ruins think we can't hear them from here, but we can.  We know they're having fun when they should be working.

I bet they've finally finished constructing that... thing.  I don't see what kind of practical application it could have, but I guess that's why I'm not in Technomagic Research.

If you're interested, go down there and talk to Serber.  He's in charge.

Questgiver Progress Text:

Oh, hello, <class>.  Is there something I can do for you?

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

Borto thinks we're having fun down here, huh?  Well, I wish he was right.  Our Transpolene is broken.

Mossy Ruins

Ruining It for Everybody


Find enough Elastivines to repair the Transpolene at the Mossy Ruins.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

What's a Transpolene, you ask?  Well, right now, it's a bunch of canvas and a bunch of broken vines.  What it's supposed to be is a device that lets us get to places we shouldn't be able to get to.  Or... places that we haven't been able to get to.  One of those.  I don't remember how we described it on the blueprints.

Anyway, it took us three weeks to build it, and another week to calibrate it properly.  We're all a little sore from the test jumps.

But then that big chicken comes along and jumps on it, and all the Elastivines snap right off!  Luckily, Uldale tells me that fixing it should be easy with new Elastivines.

Could you go find some for us?  We've got to stay here and watch for more giant chickens.

Questgiver Progress Text:

Have you found enough Elastivines?  The Transpolene's going to be just as useful for you as it is for us, I promise.

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

Outstanding!  Here, let me see those for a minute.

Jumping at the Chance


Use the Elastivines to repair the Transpolene in the Mossy Ruins.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

There, they should be ready for you.  Take each one of these Elastivines and attach them to the Transpolene's edges.  That should fix it right up.  I hope.

Questgiver Progress Text:

Did you attach all the Elastivines?

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

It looks good from here.  Of course, we only got to see it work once before that big chicken broke it.  So who knows if it will work right after that.  I guess there's only one way to find out!

Hmm.  And speaking of that bird...

Yeah, What Is That Thing, Anyway?


Go to Monument Valley and speak to Froder.

Questgiver Quest Pitch Text:

Now that our Transpolene is fixed and you've defeated our avian aggressor, there might not be much reason for you to stick around.  Besides jumping on the Transpolene, I guess.  That never gets old.

Still, there is something amazing in Peaceful Hills.  You've probably seen it by now.  The Simian Circle.  I would tell you more about it, but that's Froder's job.  Literally.

Go to Monument Valley and tell him I sent you.  He'll tell you all you want to know about this place.

Questgiver Progress Text:

Welcome to Monument Valley, <class>!  I trust you're here to learn about the Simian Circle?

Questgiver Quest Complete Text:

Serber is right.  I am the foremost expert on the Simian Circle.  I've won several awards for my work on behalf of the Foretalkers.  If you're interested, I'll tell you all about this place.