Creature Hunter Online Content Nomenclature

My work here was taking the 240 creatures in our game, choosing names for them, and allocating them to the zones where they looked their best. Since the game was kind of a mix between a traditional MMO and a monster collecting game like Pokémon, I gave the monsters (or "Strays") names that were a mix of whimsical words and familiar fantasy tropes. It was one of the more satisfying things I did during my time at Sierra Online.

Some of these creatures eventually turned into quest fodder, as you can see in the Creature Hunter Online quests sample in my portfolio. Unfortunately, like everything else in Creature Hunter Online, this work never saw the light of day.

The concept art was done by Studio Ch'in, Sierra Online's sister company in Shanghai. The models would eventually be built at Sierra, but we didn't get too far into the modeling before we all got shut down. Still, it's some really good stuff, and I'm sad that it never turned into anything real.